Antique Digger Featured In Antique Trader Magazine

My whole adult life has been in a digital driven marketplace. I received a computer for my 19th birthday and my whole world expanded with information, research being performed quickly and learned to market products through online marketplaces and channels. 

As life ebbs and flows, eBay has always been place where I am able to "hawk" my goods for other like minded collectors and connoisseurs a like. Additionally, it is a great resource for a price guide. 

The article that Antique Trader wrote about me was during a time, the Great Recession, where I had lost my job in Los Angeles and eBay was my outlet to revenue generation to keep myself and my family moving forward. 

Much has transformed over the last six plus years and I am in a much different, better, place in my life. Thanks to online marketplaces, my trusty laptop and iPhone to communicated, and armed with the knowledge where I feel that whatever life throws at me, I am able to make it through those tough times again. Antique Trader shares a little bit of this history and story of where I started in this business. If you have five minutes, please click the red button below to read my story on Antique Trader.

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