Sell Vinatge Fountain Pens To Antique Digger

Wanted to buy fountain pensDo you have vintage fountain pens that you are looking to get rid of? Don't know who to contact to get some quick cash for your vintage writing collectibles?

Antique Digger is always on the lookout for vintage fountain pens, fountain pen parts, fountain pen related related items, advertising and anything related to fountain pens. I will buy pens outright or trade for pens.

Prices offered for pens depend on condition and the pen itself.  Antique Digger can provide a fair wholesale for small or large collections and even individual pieces, of course, are welcome.

If you have vintage pens for sale from any maker please send a message by using the contact form below.

Or you can send your inquiry to the following email address:

I appreciate the interest and look forward to speaking with you.

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