*Note* You are not purchasing a fountain pen, you are purchasing a repair service for a fountain pen.

This service is for the repair of one fountain pen that is either a Parker Vacumatic, Parker 51 Vacumatic Fill, Parker Aerometric and/or Parker VS style fountain pen. 

This service doesn’t include the replacement of broken parts. If available, replacement of broken parts will cost extra and I will inform the customer before any repairs are commenced. The client can determine if she/he will continue to move forward or not with the repair service. 

I will restore your Vacumatic & Aerometric fountain pen with a new diaphragm or bladder. I will clean and adjust the nib. I will return your old pen to proper working order.

If you want the return shipment insured, you will have to email me the amount of insurance and I will add the extra cost and provide you with an invoice.

PLEASE READ! Because these pens are very old and they can become brittle, I cannot be held responsible should your pen break, or should the colors of the plastic or hard rubber fade during the restoration process. If your pen should break, I will return your broken pen and money, less the shipping costs.

I receive many pens in the mail, please include a printed note along with your full name, email address, phone number and address when you ship your pen. Due to the volume of repairs I currently perform, I typically have a 10 to 14 day turnaround time. If you have any questions, please CLICK HERE to send me a message.

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