Fountain Pen Restoration

Part of what I love doing is taking something old and bringing it back to life again. Nothing can be better, for me, in regards to fountain pens restoration with bringing them back to writing and aesthetically pleasing condition after years of neglect and non-use.

The image displayed is my work with a Waterman 52 Black Chased Hard Rubber Fountain Pen. Over the years hard rubber pens can oxidize to sunlight, basically fade in color. Most cases the faded color turns to an olive or brown type color for these original Black Hard Rubber Fountain Pens.

In order to restore hard rubber fountain pens back to as close to original condition as possible, I use a natural based product with a specific enzyme to draw out the oxidation. This process takes roughly 20 to 40 minutes, one to two applications to generate the result you see in the image. 

This process does not remove the chasing, should the pen have any, and does not compromise the integrity of the material. I do not use any dye or paint to generate the example in the image.

Should you need restoration services on your Hard Rubber Fountain Pens, Parker, Sheaffer or other fountain pen please do not hesitate to contact me by using the contact form below.Contact Antique Digger About Fountain Pen Restoration