Northwestern 33 Junior 1 Cent Peanut Coin Operated Dispenser

Estates sales are sooooo fun to go to...then sometimes that joy turns into sadness. On Friday (8-18-17), this was my emotional roller coaster ride at a Southwest Florida Estate Sale. 

I spent time at this estate sale and found many "cool" things that I like to bring back, restore and turn it over to a new home for others to use for enjoyment. This estate was in a beautiful, quiet area where there was much land and large estate homes. I was able to pick this desirable Northwestern 33 Junior Coin Op Machine with short globe.

Northwestern 33 Junior Coin Operated Peanut Machine

As, I inquire about the estate, I found out the lady that was living there lost her husband. In addition, she was upside down on her home and the bank is taking the home back and listing it with a realtor to get it sold.

I tried to help her out and bought several of her pieces - this was one of the standouts. The green porcelain is clean with no damage to the outside base or top. The decal is original and no scuff or scrapes - it is complete. The coin mechanism is in working order and the lock and key operate as they should to secure the unit top to the base.

Northwestern 33 Junior Decal

The Northwestern Corporation was out of Morris, IL. My research shows this unit started production around 1933. This unit has a small globe, which units came in two different heights of globe sizes 5 1/2" and 7 1/2". This unit displays the 5 1/2" Globe. This unit displays an octagonal base, lid, and globe. The mechanism is aluminum, which also is octagonal.  It is just a fabulous piece that if you wanted to use, you can, or great display unit with advertising, mechanical and small (10 3/4" in overall height).

Northwestern 33 Junior

I hope my little bit of purchases helped this wonderful little lady to get her through her difficult time. This is the nature of estate sales with the hunt for the treasure and the flip side of the sale to the reasons why people are unloading their stuff. 

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