Parker Senior Flattop Duofold Fountain Pen Restoration

It is amazing how some people find my website and the fountain pen restoration services that I provide because I am just a small fish in a large sea. 

A few days ago an individual purchased a button filler repair service. When a client purchases a repair service, I do not know the type of pen that I will receive unless they communicate with me prior. I didn't know the type of pen this new client was going to provide me.

Upon receiving the pen, it is a very humble Parker Senior Flattop Duofold Button Filler in Jade Celluloid. The beautiful jade color has all been "gassed" away from the old black rubber sac.

I didn't let this deter me. This pen was on "life support", but I did everything for this Parker Duofold that I would do on my own pens, which include cleaning, buffing, polishing, and waxing all the disassembled parts before putting it back together. 

I sent the finished repair service back to the customer and received a much-appreciated email message once the client reviewed his restored fountain pen. 

The life lesson here is no matter what the circumstance you always put forth the absolute best effort and work with integrity. Everything else falls into place.  The words of our new client have placed a huge grin on my face because it makes me feel happy that I was able to take something that was special to this individual and breathe new life into the fountain pen and give many more years for it to be cherished. 

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