For your consideration, we are offering for sale this 1936 Parker Oversize Vacumatic Emerald Pearl Celluloid Mechanical Twist Pencil in working condition.

I have cleaned, buffed, polished and waxed the barrel and cap to bring back the vibrancy and to protect the celluloid of the pencil.

The pencil has a twist mechanism - turn the cap/barrel and lead will repel. The mechanism works to dispense the lead every time and is in working condition. There is a lead in the pencil and still has a new eraser.

The color is the Emerald Pearl celluloid with vibrant coloring. This Parker Mechanical Pencil is scarce because it is an Oversize pencil, the largest manufactured from Parker of the era. The pencil's clip and 3-ring cap band are gold filled and display no wear. The top jewel is striped to match the rest of the pencil. The lead should be a 0.9mm type lead.

There are no personalizations or monograms on this pencil. The barrel is clearly and crisply stamped with, "GEO. S. PARKER PARKER MADE IN USA with 6 date code (for 1936) in the 4th Quarter".

This pencil measures 5 1/4" inches in length.

I would grade this Parker Vacumatic Oversize Emerald Pearl Pencil in Excellent Condition. It is a great addition to completing your set or just add to your writing arsenal collection.
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