For your consideration, we are offering for sale this 1938 Parker Senior Maxima Vacumatic Emerald Pearl Celluloid Mechanical Twist Pencil in working condition.

I have cleaned, buffed, polished and waxed the barrel and cap to bring back the vibrancy and to protect the celluloid of the pencil.

The pencil has a twist mechanism - turn the cap/barrel and lead will repel. The mechanism works to dispense the lead every time and is in working condition. There is a lead in the pencil and still has a gently used eraser.

The color is the Emerald Pearl celluloid with very good emerald pearl coloring. This Parker Mechanical Pencil is scarce because it is a Senior Maxima size pencil, the largest manufactured from Parker of the era. The pencil's clip and wide chevron (\\\///) cap band are gold filled the top portion of the clip displaying some light wear. The top jewel is black and polished to a high shine. The lead should be a 1.1mm type lead.

There are no personalizations or monograms on this pencil. The barrel is stamped lightly with, "GEO. S. PARKER PARKER MADE IN USA with 8 date code (for 1938) in the 3rd Quarter".

This pencil is a Senior Maxima size and 2nd Generation Parker Vac Pencil that measures 5 1/8" inches in length.

This Parker Vacumatic Emerald Pencil is in Very Fine Condition with no nicks, chips, cracks or repairs. A wonderful addition to complete a set or just add to your writing arsenal collection!
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