For your consideration we are offering for sale this Beautiful Restored 1946 Parker Silver Pearl Celluloid Fountain Pen in the Major Size. This fountain pen has been thoroughly taken apart, cleaned and put back together and now is in wonderful writing condition.

I have ultrasonically cleaned the NIB, feed, section, breather tube, cap and barrel. Replaced the old diaphragm with a new, properly sized one. Hand polished the Nickel Plated Split Arrow Blue Diamond Clip, Chevron Cap Band and 14K NIB. Cleaned, Buffed, Polished and Waxed the barrel and cap to bring back the vibrancy of fountain pen. This Parker Vacumatic is a major size which measures 5 1/8" in length capped and 6" posted.

This fountain pen cap and barrel are in magnificent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs. The cap has the Blue Diamond Split Arrow Nickel Plated clip and the Chevron Cap Banding that displays a lovely Nickel color with no brassing. The top jewel is black, I hand polished it and now shines and looks great. The barrel is clearly and crisply stamped with, "Geo. S. Parker Vacumatic Made in U.S.A. with date code 6 in the third quarter". The transparency of the barrel is excellent with very mild ambering, it looks fantastic and a person can easily see through the barrel. The blind cap securely fits. The Vacumatic Filling System works great, typically in my tests with water about 6-7 presses to fill full.

The Parker NIB is a 14K gold split arrow NIB. The iridium is great and creates a wonderful writing experience. The 14K Parker NIB has a medium point measuring roughly .67mm, measured with digital calipers. When writing a sample the NIB writes with a fine to a broad stroke line. The writing sample provided, the thinnest line measures at .46mm and the broad line measured with digital calipers is .98mm with medium pressure. The sample was done with the actual pen in the images that is listed for sale. The writing sample was used by dipping the NIB in Parker Quink Blue-Black Ink.

Any specks of white in the images are from the cotton that I used to clean the barrel and cap.

This is a beautiful vintage Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen in the Golden Pearl Celluloid that is in Excellent Condition. It is ready to write or just add to writing arsenal collection.
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