For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Mint Condition, Never Inked, New in Box 1951 Parker 51 Aerometric Fountain Pen and Pencil Set in Burgundy. This set comes n the original box, never inked, stickered, foil tag, and in Mint Condition.

This fountain pen barrel, cap, and hood are in magnificent condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. The Lustraloy Cap has the Split Arrow Clip that is in perfect condition - no dings or dents. The cap secures to the barrel snugly. The Cap is stamped, "PARKER MADE IN U.S.A." The barrel of the pen is stamped, "MADE IN U.S.A. 51". The fountain pen barrel retains the original Parker 51 sticker (there are cotton fuzzies and sticker residue in that sticker area) and the set retains the original silver foil $22.50 tag. The Parker 51 Fountain Pen is the Demi size that measures 5 1/8" inches capped and 5 3/4" inches posted. The Parker 51 Aerometric Pencil measures 5 1/4" inches in length

This Parker 51 has the Aerometric Filling System that is clean as a whistle. The Glass-Ply sac has never seen ink and is in perfect condition. The filling system functions as it should in my tests with water.

The Parker NIB is 14K and has a fine point that measures .58mm when measuring with digital calipers. I did not perform a writing sample as I wanted to keep this pen in Mint Condition with it never being inked.

This set comes with the Parker 51 Aerometric Injector Pencil which propels lead as it should. Again, the pencil is in Mint Condition.

This Parker 51 Fountain Pen and Pencil Set comes with the Parker 51 Box that is in excellent condition. The interior of the box displays no wear.

This is one of those Parker 51 Aerometric Sets in Burgundy that you do not come across and are very scarce to find in original, uninked, mint condition, and in original box. I would consider this Parker 51 Set to be in Mint Condition and certainly collector grade - you won't find one better. It is ready to write or just add it to your writing arsenal collection.
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