For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Bexley 2007 Owners Club Limited Edition Mahogany Woodgrain Ebonite Fountain Pen with Silver Ring Trim. This Bexley is in Mint Condition - considered New Old Stock Condition, Never Inked, and the Original Box with paperwork.

This Bexley Owners Club Fountain Pen comes in a mint Bexley box with all product paperwork. The cap and barrel are made of Ebonite in a Dark Mahogany Woodgrain pattern and are in perfect condition with no cracks, nicks, scratches, or repairs. The cap is always securing tightly to the barrel via a threaded section. The Silver Trim rings are perfect with no scratches or brassing. The cap clip has a rollerball for easy sliding on/off in the shirt pocket. This Bexley Fountain Pen measures 5 1/4" inches in length capped and 6 3/4" inches posted.

The Nib on this Bexley is 2-Tone 18K Gold and is designated a Broad point. The iridium tipping measures 1.12mm when measured with digital calipers. Will certainly be a very smooth writer for the new owner.

The Bexley has an Ink Converter Filling System that I have tested with water and operates as it is designed to.

This Bexley is a Limited Edition Fountain Pen known as the Owners Club for the 2007 year. This is Limited Edition number 39 and is stamped on the side of the section.

This is an absolutely beautiful Bexley Fountain Pen with Gorgeous Silver Ring Trim. This Bexley is in Perfect Condition, Never Inked, New Old Stock with 18K Broad Nib coming for a non-smoking home. I consider this in Mint Condition. A marvelous addition to your writing arsenal collection.

This Bexley 2007 Owner's Club Limited Edition Fountain Pen, is one of 2, Owner's Club pens issued in 2007 that we are offering for sale.
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