For your consideration, we are offering for sale this New Old Stock Circa 1951 Sheaffer White Dot Sentinel Touchdown Fountain Pen in the Burgundy color with a 2-Tone Cap and Gregg Shorthand Conical Nib. This pen is in Mint Condition, New Old Stock with it never being inked.

This fountain pen was part of a purchase from an old Stationary Store in Cincinnati, Ohio where I acquired nearly 200 New Old Stock Fountain Pens from the 1940 to 1950s era - this is just one of them. Finding any pen that is stickered and retaining the original foil tag, let alone one that is in the desired color like this one, is a scarce and uncommon find.

This fountain pen cap and barrel are in magnificent condition with no chips, cracks, teeth marks or repairs with the cap always securing to the barrel. The polished stainless steel and gold filled 2-tone cap has the chased repeating pattern of 4 straight longitudinal engraved lines in a stepped grouping and displays in perfect condition with absolutely no wearing of the material. The barrel is stamped, "W.A. SHEAFFER PEN CO. FORT MADISON, IOWA U.S.A. MADE IN U.S.A.". The section has the water-clear ink view window. The original Shorthand Nib Sticker still is remaining and in excellent condition. There are no monograms or personalizations to either the cap or barrel. I have not touched the fountain pen to buff or polish it - the filling system is in perfect working order and is factory. There is no brassing or wear to the cap or the gold-filled clip and cap banding. The Touchdown tube moves freely and draws ink as it should. This Sheaffer Touchdown measures 5 1/4" in length capped and 6 1/8" posted.

The Sheaffer 14K 2-Tone Conical NIB has a Fine point that measures .56mm when measured with digital calipers and retains the original "SHORTHAND" sticker on the Nib. The "Gregg Shorthand" mark can be seen on the section with just below the Nib sticker. I have not written with this Nib - I wanted to keep this Fountain Pen in New Old Stock, Mint Condition for the new collector that acquires this one.

The Touchdown filling system has been tested for functionality - I have tested the filling mechanism with water and fills as it should. The filling system has perfect suction and works flawlessly. The filling system is the original Sheaffer Factory one and original to the pen and works just as the day it left the factory.

This Sheaffer TM Touchdown Fountain Pen is in Mint Condition and is almost unheard of finding in this condition with original sticker and never being used. The Gregg Shorthand Nib is an uncommon variant that collectors envy. The pen is in ready to write condition or just add to writing arsenal collection. I would consider this Sheaffer Snorkel to be in New Old Stock, Mint Condition.
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