For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Never Inked Sheaffer Crest Fountain Pen, Model 598, with the Opalite Red Finish and 23 karat gold electroplate cap with repeating interrupted four engraved line pattern. This fountain pen has never been inked and always contained in the original box. I consider this pen New Old Stock, Mint Condition with original box with Sheaffer accessories, and Never Inked.

This fountain pen was part of a purchase from a Stationary Store in Georgia where I acquired nearly 50 New Old Stock Fountain and Ballpoint Pens in this Crest reissue design - this is just one of them.

This Sheaffer Crest displays 23K Gold Electroplate Cap and Trim with Opalite Red Barrel - NOTE: The barrel is made from Celluloid and the Opalite series was the only real model from Sheaffer made of Celluloid since the 1940s. The Opalite models are made from a solid rod of celluloid that goes through several lathe turning processes. The rod stock is drilled to create the barrel and is then tapered at the barrel end. The barrel is then sanded and polished, handwork that can be visible to the naked eye and shows by running fingers on the barrel and feeling for undulations from lathe turning and sanding.

The fountain pen is fitted with a solid 18K/750 Solid Gold Conical/Wrap Around Nib with a palladium electroplated overlay. The cap and barrel have absolutely no damage, dents, wear, or repairs to the finish. The cap is always securing tightly to the barrel. The trim is perfect with no scratches or brassing. This fountain pen has never been inked and in Mint Condition.

This Fountain Pen measures 5 5/8" inches capped and 6 1/4" posted. The Sheaffer Crest Fountain Pen comes with the original box with the fountain pen, ink converter, and Sheaffer documentation.

This writing instrument is a Sheaffer Crest Fountain Pen and is model number 598 with production beginning in 1996 till 1998. Again, this Sheaffer Crest is like new as it has never been inked. The cap has a 23K gold electroplated cap and trim with the spring-loaded clip. The cap banding is also 23K gold electroplated and stamped, "SHEAFFER U.S.A.". This Sheaffer Crest will use either an ink converter or ink cartridges. The Ink Converter and Cartridges are supplied with this fountain pen.

The Sheaffer Crest is fitted with a Triumph Conical 2-Tone Palladium plated 18K/750 Gold Nib. The Nib is designated as a FINE nib with the actual iridium tip of this Sheaffer measuring roughly .52mm when measured with digital calipers. I did not want to ink it as to keep it in Mint Condition for the new owner.

This Sheaffer Crest Fountain Pen 23K Gold Plated and Opalite Red barrel made of Celluloid really brings the craftsmanship back with a vintage feel in this Sheaffer Snorkel design with modern technology. I would consider this Sheaffer Crest Fountain Pen to be in Mint, Never Inked, New Old Stock Condition. A marvelous addition to your writing arsenal collection.
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