For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Scarce circa 1924 Conklin Senior Endura Black Hard Rubber Fountain Pen. This fountain pen has been thoroughly taken apart, cleaned and put back together and now is in wonderful writing condition.

I have ultrasonically cleaned the NIB and feed. I hand cleaned the outside and inside of the cap and barrel with mineral oil. Replaced the old rubber sac with a new, properly sized #21 rubber sac. Hand polished the Conklin Gold Filled Clip, Smooth Cap Banding, and 14K Conklin Endura NIB. Lighty Buffed, Polished and Waxed the barrel and cap to bring back the vibrancy of fountain pen and to protect the red hard rubber. This Conklin Endura is a Senior size that measures 5 3/8" capped and 6 7/8" posted.

This fountain pen cap and barrel are in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs and the cap always securing tightly to the barrel. There are some very light scratches and just point it out for clarity sake - I personally wouldn't take a chance trying to remove the scratches and possibly compromise this extremely scarce pen. The cap has the Gold Filled Conklin PAT May 28, 1918, Clip with the Smooth Gold Filled Cap Banding. The barrel is clearly stamped with, "Trade CONKLIN Mark TOLEDO OHIO U.S.A. ENDURA". The crescent filler is stamped on both sides, "CRESCENT" on one side and "RED US PAT OFF CRESCENT" opposite side. I have tested the Crescent filling mechanism with water and fills as it should. The Crescent Filling System works great and operates as it was intended to.

This Conklin Endura has a 14K Conklin Endura Nib. The actual iridium top on this Endura Nib has a fine point measuring roughly .53mm when measured with digital calipers. When writing a sample with this NIB, it writes with an extra fine to a broad stroke line. In the writing sample provided, the extra fine line measures at .43mm and will flex to a medium stroke measuring at .78mm with normal to medium pressure when measuring with digital calipers.  

Any specks of white in the images are from the cotton that I used to clean the barrel and cap.

This is one of those vintage Conklin Senior Endura Fountain Pens you don't always get a chance to secure in your collection with the Crescent Filler. For the collector, this is a "holy grail" vintage fountain pen. It is very scarce and should be a deserving collection. It is Conklin is ready to write, if you choose to do so, or just add it to your writing arsenal collection.
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