For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Very Rare Circa 1930 Tri-Pen Company/Triad Fountain Pen in the Black & Pearl Celluloid.

This particular pen has not been restored by me and is in the condition that I have acquired it. This Triad is extremely rare and would need to be serviced/restored by a more qualified restorer than myself.

The Tri-Pen Company was founded in Rhode Island and were known for their Triangular shape made of high-quality materials. The Triad cap was never meant to simply be pulled off - one had to screw/unscrew the knob at the top of the cap to remove/close it.

This particular Triad is a ringtop. The barrel has better color than the cap. The barrel has a gold filled lever that will lift - however, I know the sac needs to be replaced due to its hardening. The barrel has a great imprint that reads, "TRI-PEN MFG. CO., PAWTUCKET, RI., TRIAD, U.S.A. PAT 9-24-23 OTHER PATS PEND.".

The known issues when I purchased it:

  • A crack in the cap lip that has been repaired (looks to be very professionally fixed)
  • The black ring around the Nib - the section - has damage to the back half. Basically, half of the ring is still intact and the backside is broken off. A new section would need to be machined. (see images)

This Triad does come with the original TRIAD 14K Nib, which is very scarce in itself. The tipping material is intact and measures with a fine (.57mm) point. I did a very careful writing sample and the nib performed with a fine (.49mm) to double broad (1.59mm) stroke - quite smoothly I might add.

This ringtop Triad measures 4 7/8" inches capped and 6" inches posted.

For those that know the rarity of the Triad Fountain Pen and how often they come up for sale, this listing will make sense. This is a great example, while not perfect, it would be a great addition to one's writing arsenal collection.

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