For your consideration, we are offering for sale this gorgeous Restored Circa 1937 Chilton Wing-flow Maroon Hard Rubber Pneumatic Fountain Pen with Gold Filled Inlay Design. This fountain pen has been thoroughly taken apart, cleaned and put back together and now is in wonderful writing condition.

I have ultrasonically cleaned the NIB, feed, and section. Replaced the old rubber sac with a new, properly sized Silicone sac. Hand polished the Chilton Gold Filled Clip, Inlay Gold Filled Design, and 14K Chilton Nib. Cleaned, Buffed, Polished and Waxed the barrel and cap to bring back the vibrancy of fountain pen and to protect the hard rubber. This Chilton Pneumatic Fountain Pen is a Model C5 and measures 5 1/8" capped and 6 1/4" posted.

This fountain pen cap and barrel are in magnificent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs with the cap always securing tightly to the barrel. The cap has Chilton Gold Filled Clip and displays a hint of brassing on the ball of the clip. Very minor but want to point it out for clarity sake. The gold filled inlay on the cap and barrel display no brassing to speak of. The barrel end cap is clearly stamped with, "Chilton Pen Long Island City N.Y. Made in U.S.A Patented". The Marron Hard Rubber coloring is fabulous and not considered a common color.

The filling unit on this Chilton is known as a Pneumatic filler. To refill the pen, you have to slide the barrel upwards, put your finger over the little hole that is at the end of the barrel, pull it downwards again, put the nib inside the ink pot and release the pressure of the finger, creating a vacuum which allows ink to go up through the nib and into the sac. I have greased the filling unit, so it operates smoothly. There is excellent suction on the seals - it fills as it was intended to.

The Chilton NIB is 14K gold and the actual tipping material has a medium point measuring roughly .65mm when measured with digital calipers. When writing a sample with this NIB, it writes with a fine (f) to a double broad (bb) stroke/line. In the writing sample provided in the listing, the fine line measures at .58mm and the double broad line measures at 1.33mm under medium to firm pressure when measured with digital calipers. The writing sample was done with the actual pen in the images by dipping the NIB in Parker Quink Blue Ink.

Any specks of white in the images are from the cotton that I used to clean the barrel and cap.

The last image in this listing is a page from the Chilton Catalog that was produced in 1937 and is for referencing the actual pen in the listing.

This Chilton is in beautiful condition, has great color with a clear imprint. These types of Chilton's are hard to find in this type of condition which, I would grade in excellent. Certainly, a worthy writing instrument to add to one's collection and is ready for use if indeed one intends to do so.
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