For your consideration, we are offering for sale this New Old Stock - Mint Condition Pelikan P1 Fountain Pen in Burgundy with Rolled Gold Cap. This fountain pen is in Mint Condition, never inked except to produce the writing sample in the images.

This writing instrument is known as Pelikan P1 Fountain Pen that was manufactured from 1958 to 1963s. It is like new as it has only been dipped to capture a writing example. The cap is stamped with, "PELIKAN P1 GERMANY ROLLED GOLD DOUBLE' L". The barrel is perfect with no scratches or repairs. The cap is perfect with no gold fill loss, dings, dents or scratching. The end jewels are burgundy to match barrel. This Pelikan is a Piston Filler works as it was designed to - I tested with water and works perfectly.

The cap and barrel are in perfect condition with no cracks, nicks, scratches, or repairs. The cap is always securing tightly to the barrel. The trim is perfect with no scratches or brassing. This fountain pen measures 5 1/4" capped and 5 3/4" posted.

The nib is 14K and is designated as a Fine point. The nib point measures .71mm when using digital calipers. The nib writes with line strokes measuring from an extra fine (.40mm) to a medium .67mm stroke under medium to firm pressure when measured with digital calipers. The nib was only dip tested with Parker Blue Quink Ink. The pen has never been inked otherwise - just for this writing sample. I consider this pen to be New Old Stock.

This is Pelikan P1 Fountain Pen flies under the radar but is a high-quality writing instrument. This pen is beautiful and shiny. The barrel, cap, and section are perfect. The end jewels are in pristine condition. The imprints are clear. The original Pelikan F sticker is intact. I would consider this Pelikan to grade in Mint Condition. A marvelous addition to your writing arsenal collection.
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