For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Mint Condition Circa 1962 Parker VP (Very Personal) Aspergillum Pen. This Aspergillum pen has been thoroughly taken apart, cleaned and put back together and now is in wonderful working condition.

This Holy Water Sprinkler Pen is in Mint Condition with the cap displaying no wear, dings, or dents. The cap is marked with the Parker Logo, Made in U.S.A., 1/10 12K G.F. The barrel retains a crisp and clean Holy Water Sprinkler logo.

The Semi-Aerometric filling unit works magnificently and as it was originally intended to in 1962.

Aspergillums are holy water sprinklers, used by priests during Catholic and Anglican Masses. These pen versions were likely used visiting the sick in hospitals or homes, or away from the Church or in other holy activities. Parker marketed these also as gifts to be given by Parishioners to their Clergy, especially during the Christmas Holidays.

The Parker VP (Very Personal), was introduced in 1962 and remained in production for a short time, until 1964. The filler, seen in the first photo below, is a semi aerometric, but actually was placed directly into the holy water and after full, placed into the pen with the black capillary-like filler contacting the chalice.

If you are a Parker Fountain Pen Collector, this is a must have to add to your writing arsenal. Very scarce and with this one grading at Mint Condition it would hard to find one better at the price.
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