For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Fabulous vintage Parker T-1 Titanium Fountain Pen that has never been inked and in New Old Stock condition.

This particular design is very scarce due to the finish. The finish displays an iridescence tone and based on my conversation with a long time Parker employee, about 1 out of every 100 T-1s that left the factory had this finish and is very scarce to find in this type of Parker T-1 Fountain Pen in this condition.

This Parker T-1 measures 5 1/8" in length capped and 5 5/8" posted.

This fountain pen cap and barrel are in magnificent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs with the cap always securing tightly to the barrel. The cap has the split arrow gold filled clip with no brassing. The top and bottom jewels are red with the top jewel having the Parker logo stamped on it. The cap is clearly stamped with, "PARKER Made in U.S.A.". There are no monograms or personalizations to the cap or barrel.

This Parker T-1 has never been inked. It has the ink converter included.

The Parker NIB is integrated into the section/barrel. The screw under the NIB allows the adjustment on the type of writing style you want to have, a fine, medium or broad stroke/line by adjusting the screw head. In keeping true to this Parker never being inked, I have decided to not provide a writing sample and wanted to keep the Parker in mint condition for the next individual.

This vintage Parker T-1 Fountain Pen is in Mint Condition and is certainly a collector grade Fountain Pen. This is your chance to secure a bold design in a finish that was limited in production. It is in ready to add to your writing arsenal collection.
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