For your consideration, we are offering for sale this lovely Montblanc Noblesse Red Marbled Lacquered Fountain Pen with 18K/750 Solid Gold Nib & Silverplate Cap and Trim. This fountain pen has been thoroughly taken apart, cleaned, put back together, and now is in wonderful writing condition.

I have ultrasonically cleaned the NIB and feed. Hand cleaned the cap and barrel. Hand polished the 18K/Ct/585 NIB. I have Cleaned, Polished, and Waxed the barrel and cap to bring back the vibrancy and to protect the lacquer of fountain pen. This fountain pen cap and barrel are in very good condition showing no chips, cracks, repairs, or red marbled lacquer paint loss. The cap has a pinstriped design, double clip with a round top. Also, the cap is slip type cap and is always securing tightly to the barrel in the capped and posted positions. The cap is Silverplated and has recently been polished. The cap band is stamped with, MONTBLANC - NOBLESSE". The top of the cap retains the snowcap logo. There are a few scratches to the cap but nothing that is out of the ordinary for the age of the pen. This Montblanc Noblesse measures 5 1/2" in length capped and 6 1/4" posted.

This Montblanc comes with an original Montblanc Ink Converter that is in undamaged condition and working as it should be. I have cleaned the ink converter and it is stamped, Montblanc - Germany, around the top of the converter.

This Montblanc NIB has a beautiful and smooth writing 18K/Ct - 750 solid gold NIB. The NIB has a medium point measuring roughly .68mm when measured with digital calipers. The writing sample provided in the image writes with a medium line and it ranges from .64mm on the horizontal lines to .84mm with normal writing pressure when I measured with digital calipers. Again, I cannot stress this enough on how smooth this Montblanc writes! The writing sample was done with the actual pen in the images that are listed for sale by dipping the NIB in Parker Quink Blue Ink.

Any specks of white in the images are from the cotton that I used to clean the barrel and cap.

This Montblanc Noblesse is known as a Type IV model in the noblesse line with model number 18195. The first product of this pen was manufactured around 1990. This is a high-quality writing instrument in marvelous writing condition. A great writer with a decent weight for how slim it is. I would grade this pen in very fine to excellent condition and sure to be a fantastic example to write with or add to your writing arsenal collection.
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