For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Circa 1997 Sheaffer Legacy White Dot Sterling Silver Ballpoint Pen in the Interrupted Barleycorn Pattern.

This Sheaffer Legacy Ballpoint Pen displays the Interrupted Barleycorn Pattern in Sterling Silver with 23K gold electroplated trim. The cap and barrel have absolutely no damage or dents. This pen has been used but is in Excellent Condition. This Ballpoint Pen measures 5 7/16" inches in length.

This writing instrument is a Sheaffer Legacy Pen and is model number 848 with production beginning in 1997. The cap has 23K gold electroplated trim with the spring-loaded clip. "SHEAFFER USA" stamped on the sides of the cap clip. The cap banding is also 23K gold electroplated and stamped, "SHEAFFER U.S.A. STERLING SILVER 925". Note the cone on this pen is sterling and not with 23K gold Electroplating. This Sheaffer has a blue refill cartridge (which has been included), and extends by twisting the cap. I tested this pen and works perfectly. The cap is always securing tightly to the barrel.

Come in a Sheaffer Box and Sheaffer Legacy documentation. The box is in Mint Condition.

This Sheaffer Legacy Ballpoint has a great look and feel in the hand with a fabulous design. I would consider this Sheaffer Legacy Sterling Silver Ballpoint Pen to be in Excellent Condition. A marvelous addition to your writing arsenal collection.
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