For your consideration we are offering for sale this Never Inked, Mint Condition Delta Alfa Romeo Limited Edition Fountain Pen - The Giulietta Sprint 50th Anniversary Edition.

50 years ago, Alfa Romeo produced an automobile of great success, and desired all over the world, the Giulietta Sprint. Alfa Romeo and Delta partnered to produce this writing instrument, dedicated to Alfa enthusiasts and collectors. The Giulietta 50 Fountain Pen pays homage to Alfa Romeo, created out of reverence and respect for the legendary car and its loyal owners. With a sporty feeling and devotion to perfection, the limited edition Giulietta 50 Fountain Pen is crafted in solid hand turned resin, in "Azzurro Capri" the original color of the first Giulietta Sprint automobiles, and solid burnished sterling silver.

Each Giulietta 50 bears the name Giulietta Sprint inlaid in sterling silver in the center of the barrel, which is marked with 925. The clip is hand sculptured treated and polished to create one of the most innovative and creative clips in history, to resemble the grill work on the original automobile. The pen measures 5 1/2" capped and 6 1/4" posted.

This is limited edition pen number 223 out of 954 produced. It is a piston filler with an 18kt gold medium nib that measures .84mm when measured with digital calipers.

This Delta is in mint condition and never been inked or dip tested. In keeping true to the pen, I have not supplied a writing sample as I wanted to keep the fountain pen in MINT Condition. It does not have the original boxes or accompanying papers and books. There are no scratches, chips, cracks or repairs. I have never used the pen in my 9+ years of owning it.

When new, the price was $850.00.

This is a very unique fountain pen and would be a wonderful addition to any collection and certainly for the Alfa Romeo enthusiast. This fountain pen is ready to write or just add to writing arsenal collection.
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