For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Japanese Nakaya Portable Writer Awai Murasaki-iro Fountain Pen with 14K Gold Rhodium Plated Extra-Broad Nib. This Nakaya Fountain Pen is new, never inked, comes with original wooden box, pen sleeve, ink cartridges, and ink converter. I consider this Nakaya in Mint, New Old Stock Condition.

This Nakaya is made of ebonite hand applied natural urushi lacquer from cap to barrel. This pen from Nakaya has a hand applied urushi application over a hue that has a "blackberry" or "dark grape" color. The color is known as "Awai Murasaki-Iro".

This Nakaya model comes with a Rhodium Plated Clip that displays no wear and shows off the streamlined shape of the fountain pen. This Nakaya Fountain Pen is in Mint Condition with no chips, cracks, damage, or ever inked. The cap is threaded and secures to the barrel tightly. This Nakaya Portable Writer Fountain Pen measures 5 7/8" capped and 6 3/4" posted.

The Nakaya Portable Writer comes with a 14K/585 Rhodium Plated Extra Broad Nib. The point measures at 1.24mm, or a Double Broad, when measured with digital calipers. I have not written with the nib as I wanted to keep it this Nakaya in Mint, Never Inked, Condition.

The filling system is via an Ink Converter. I tested it with water and works as it was designed to.

The Nakaya comes with the original softwood box with Japanese script on the cover and outer rice paper box. Internally, we have ink cartridges and the kimono fabric pen sleeve.

This Nakaya Fountain Pen was individually handmade and took roughly 3 to 6 months or longer to get one of these completed. This particular model and color are no longer in production. This one is considered in Mint Condition, Never Inked. It is ready to write or just add it to your writing arsenal collection.
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