For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Beautiful S.T. DUPONT Montparnasse Chairman (large model) fountain pen in the silver Godron finish with gold plated trim. This fountain pen writes buttery smooth and is an absolutely gorgeous writing instrument.

This fountain pen cap and barrel are in magnificent condition with no dings, dents, or damage with the cap always securing tightly to the barrel. The cap has gorgeous Gold Plated Clip which, displays absolutely no brassing. The sides of the clip are stamped with, "Made in France" and the serial number "58K0003" The cap/barrel banding is stamped with, "S.T. Dupont Paris and a French Hallmark". There are no monograms or personalizations on the cap or barrel. This S.T. DUPONT Montparnasse Chairman Fountain Pen measures 5 1/2" in length capped and 6" posted. The fountain pen uses an ink converter and one accompanies this pen.

The Montparnasse was first introduced in 1989 by S.T. Dupont as their "flagship" fountain pen model. It came in two sizes; the Chairman is the larger model. This Montparnasse Chairman Fountain Pen is large, has weight to it, and is very luxurious writing instrument.

The Montparnasse NIB is a 18K/750 NIB. The Nib writes extremely smooth - one of the smoothest Nibs I have ever written with and an absolute pleasure to use. The 18K NIB has a medium point measuring roughly 0.78mm when measured with digital calipers. When creating a writing sample, the NIB writes with a fine to double broad stroke/line. The writing sample provided in the listing ranges from a fine stroke (.53mm) to a double broad stroke (1.28mm) when measured with digital calipers. The writing sample was done with the actual pen in the images that are listed for sale. The writing sample was used by dipping the NIB in Parker Quink Blue-Black Ink.

The end of the barrel has a latch that hinges to open and close. To remove the barrel one must open the latch and turn to loosen/open the barrel and the same when securing the barrel back to the section. It is an interesting security feature and performs as it was intended to.

Any specks of white in the images are from the cotton cloth that I used to polish/clean the barrel and cap.

This is a "Rich" specimen from S.T. Dupont and is a very beautiful Fountain Pen - it is a Statement piece! I would grade this writing instrument to easily meet Excellent Condition. It is ready to write or just add to your writing arsenal collection.
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