For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Never Inked Sheaffer Legacy Heritage in the Sandblasted Emperor's Silver Pattern. Cartridge/converter filler in the sandblasted "Emperor's Silver" chrome-plated pattern with palladium plated trim. This fountain pen has never been inked and always contained in the box from a non-smoking home. I consider this pen in Mint Condition with original box.

This Sheaffer Emperor's Silver Pattern Fountain Pen has the satin chrome-plated finish cut in a sweeping hourglass pattern with palladium electroplated trim, fitted with a solid 18K/750 gold nib with palladium electroplated overlay. The cap and barrel have absolutely no damage, dents, wear to the finish. This fountain pen has never been inked and in Mint Condition. This pen also comes with a rollerball replacement nose cone for those that want to change out the fountain pen section. It is matching to the pen and fits perfectly. You will need to acquire a new refill should you choose to use this option. This pen measures 5 1/2" inches capped and 5 3/4" posted.

This writing instrument is a Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen, it has a model number 9032. It is like new as it has never been inked. The cap has Palladium electroplated trim with the spring-loaded clip. "SHEAFFER USA" stamped on the sides of the cap clip. The filling system is fitted with an Ink Converter that works as it is designed to. The filling unit works as it was designed to - I tested with water and works perfectly.

The cap is always securing tightly to the barrel. The trim is perfect with no scratches or brassing.

The nib is marked 18K Sheaffer 750 and has a medium point measuring .85mm when using digital calipers. This Sheaffer 18K/750 Medium Nib shows no signs of ever being inked.

This Sheaffer Legacy Fountain Pen comes with the original box, one ink cartridge, and the rollerball nose/section accessory.

This Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen has a great look and feel in the hand with a fantastic design. I would consider this Sheaffer Legacy Heritage to be in Mint Condition. A marvelous addition to your writing arsenal collection.
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