For your consideration we are offering for sale this Marvelous Condition Circa 1930-1940s Norris Master Coin Operated 1 Cent Vending Machine in working / operating condition.

The serial number is 64817

The unit measures 16" inches tall and the base measures 8 1/8" inches by 8 1/4" inches.

The enameling is red and black and in excellent condition with no significant nicks or chips to any of enameling of the machine or metal. There are 2 keys that are included. One opens the coin mech without any challenge and the other fits in the top lock and will slightly turn, but will not unlock to open the top of the machine - possibly it needs some lube to help loosen that area / lock.

The vending unit retains the original glass panels with no cracks. I assume the gum ball label displayed on the machine is original to the piece and it is dated 1947. I was able to clean the outside of the unit with water to remove the dust, but it could use a more thorough cleaning by an expert - I didn't want to chance risking damage.

The coin mechanism is a 1 cent denomination and works as it should. I have tested with a penny 10 times and the mechanism engages to release the product inside the container each of those times. There is no damage, cracks, breaks or repairs to the aluminum coin mechanism - it might need a good polish to bring back the shine. The coin mech works as it is designed to, I insert a penny and turn the key and a gumball dispenses.

On the base underside, the unit retains the original four rubber feet, which are in excellent condition. No cracks.

This Norris Master is in above average original condition. I would consider this to be an excellent example; it has the rubber feet, keys to open and lock the unit, porcelain and glass are in nearly perfect condition and the coin mech operates as it should. This is a wonderful piece that would be a fabulous addition to one's collection.
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