For your consideration, we are offering for auction this Vintage Dunhill Gold Plated Ladies Compact Swing Arm Lighter.

The lighter is in overall good unrestored condition having no dings, dents, or repairs that I can see. The compact door easily opens and closes securely as it was originally intended to. There is a mirror inside the compact door and is free from any breaks or cracks. The swing arm raises and lowers without any trouble.

The base of the light, on each side of the compact, are two cylinders - one is for the fluid and wick and the other is for lipstick. Both come free and are able to be reinserted stay secure as they were designed to.

The case of this Dunhill has what I would call a "barley" pattern. The gold plate has a rose color to it but does show some wear in certain spots.

The only marks that I can see are in the swing arm which is stamped with "Dunhill". The bottom of the lighter is stamped with, "PROV. PAT. 14444/28 REGd No 737179". Additionally, there is a hand scratched marking to the left of the factory stamp that reads, "8326 W/M", as seen in the photo.

The Dunhill lighter measures 2 7/16" inches wide and 2 3/8" inches in height when the swing arm is in the closed/down position.

The lighter is not currently creating a flame. It should only need flint and fluid to make it work. The wheel will turn as it was designed to and has that "zipping" sound when one turns it.
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