Wearever Fountain Pen Pioneer Model 191P with David Kahn NIB


This Wearever Pioneer Fountain has been restored to original condition. The NIB, Section and Barrel have been disassembled and cleaned. The cap and barrel were micromesh hand sanded starting with 1500 grit and ended with 12,000 grit. Lastly, the entire pen was hand waxed and polished to give this fabulous pen a bright shine. I have only tested the filling mechanism with water, which works flawlessly. I have only dipped the pen in ink to create a writing sample.

This fountain pen features a David Kahn two-piece NIB that measures .70mm. This fountain pen measures 5” capped and 6” posted. It is known as a Model 191P.

The clip has a tiny bit of brassing, the cap band has a two-tone design with the center of the banding displaying a gold plate design with the upper and lower portion in a stainless or nickel plate, and the lever appears to have been gold fill when original and shows very little of it today.


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